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Alpen Muesli Original 1.1KG Bag

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Alpen The Original

Swiss Style Muesli

1.1kg Bag

100% natural ingredients. 
High in fibre. 
Low in sat fat. 
Start Positive with Alpen Enjoy a bright start to the day with our deliciously tasty, nutritionally balanced muesli. 
We've blended toasted wholegrain wheat flakes, creamy rolled oats, crunchy hazelnuts, almonds and juicy raisins to create this irresistible recipe that is packed full of Alpen positivity for a great day ahead!* *Reducing consumption of sodium helps maintain normal blood pressure as part of a healthy diet & lifestyle. Sodium 0.12g per 100g Each spoonful contains... Signature toasted wholegrain wheat flakes Creamy rolled oats Crunchy hazelnuts and almonds Juicy raisins Check out alpenmornings.co.uk to hear more about Alpen positivity and to get hints & tips from our health & wellbeing experts

  • Contains Almonds
  • Contains Barley
  • Contains Hazelnuts
  • Contains Milk
  • Contains Oats
  • Contains Wheat