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Clean Pro+ Sink and Drain Unblocker 1 Litre

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Clean Pro+ Sink & Drain Unblocker
 1 Litre
Professional hygiene systems. 
Breaks down proteins. 
Dissolves fat. 
Suitable for use in hard or soft water.
Directions for Use:
 A caustic based chlorinated detergent designed for clearing blocked pipework under sinks, water traps and outside drains. Sink and Drain Unblocker is ideal for use where sinks and drains become blocked with solidified fats. Dilution: Sink and Drain Unblocker is a ready to use product. Procedure: Remove cap from bottle and pour product directly into the blocked pipework. Replace cap securely after use. Sink and Drain Unblocker is designed to sink through standing water to contact the blockage directly. Leave Sink and Drain Unblocker to work for a minimum of 5 minutes before flushing the pipe with hot water. For tougher blockages, leave a longer contact time before flushing.