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Comfort Concentrate Professional 178 Washes 5Ltr

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Comfort Concentrate Professional

178 Washes 5Ltr

Tropical Burst, Blue Skies & Pure

Lasting freshness. Enjoy the outdoor freshness and tempting  fragrances brought to you by Comfort'. Great Choice! Did you know... 1 Comfort Concentrate 5L = Up to 3x Comfort Dilute 5L (at the recommended dose) Better value, fresher, greener Tips for saving water, energy, CO2 and money Avoid underfilling the machine Use the dosing instructions Wash at low temperature 

To Use: Dose straight into your washing machine drawer Wash hands after use Do not pour directly onto fabrics Please contact the Careline with any dosing questions Dosing: 6-7kg / 40ml 4-5kg / 28ml 10L / 18ml For professional use only